Gillen Mara
Dylan Combs
Katie Gonzalez
August 2017
I was unable to do pull ups and my arms were very weak for over 10 years due to shoulder pain. Now since coming to StayFIT, my shoulder pain is gone. I can do pull ups and have never been stronger. 
I was having terrible back pain and now I have strengthened my back and no more pain!

"Before coming to StayFIT Physical Therapy and working with Chip, I was having shoulder problems that prevented me from competing for a spot in the pitching rotation at my new school, Baker University in Kansas. 
After working with Chip a few times before season, he guided me in keeping my shoulder in the best shape possible. I got to pitch in the Spring, and earned a spot as a reliever, and made All-Conference. Thank you Chip! Mahalo StayFIT Physical Therapy!"
“I was recommended to StayFIT by Dr. Weldon due to unsuccessful therapy at another clinic. Chip worked a miracle on my arm! After surgery I had immobility and pain. Attended treatment with chip for a few weeks I was able to gain my strength and flexibility back quickly. Best PT experience, I would not go to any other clinic.”
“I've been doing physical therapy for my shoulder since I was 10 years old and have always had reoccurring pain from pitching and was even diagnosed with a torn labrum. Chip gave me a few simple stretches and my shoulder has been pretty much pain free for the longest I can remember. The routines are very person-specific and chip responded to my feedback and changed things when necessary. The whole staff was very friendly and accommodating to my schedule so it was very easy to make appointments! Because of StayFit I was able to pitch my senior year of high school and fall season of college baseball!"


Emily Wheaton
Ron Bilek
“My expectations for progress in mobility and independence were surpassed. Not only am I able to care for myself but I’m also able to take care of my son. My confidence in my leg is more than I’ve had in a long time.”
“Jared is an excellent PT!! I have experienced very rapid improvement in my hip mobility. Pain has lessened considerably.”


Gordon Resquer
John Kepaa
“After my first TKA on my left knee, my experience with therapy at another clinic was lass than satisfying. At the conclusion of therapy, rand of motion was limited. 2 years later I underwent a second TKA. The prognosis was 70, maybe 8- degrees of flexion. This time I was referred to StayFIT and assigned to Carol Komai. The one-on-one attention to my therapy and the professionalism exhibited by not only her, but the rest of the staff was excellent! At the end of my two and half months of rehabilitation, I was able to achieve a rand of 110 degrees! Quality of life is now better than it has been for the last 30 years!"
“I’ve been all around at different physical therapy clinics and I think StayFIT is the best. Workers are friendly and respectful. Both Kapolei and Aiea clinics are very good. Excellent Service!”


Thomas Carvalho
Nilda Quindara

The mobility and discomfort have greatly improved with physical therapy. I believe the ultrasound massage accelerated my healing and the exercises are easy enough to do at home. 

“Best overall service I have ever experienced with the most caring staff. Had previous PT and was dreading attending more PT with my Achilles injury. I was shocked to see how much care and attention I would get each session. It was amazing, StayFIT. Thanks! "
“The employees of StayFIT are very friendly and caring. The facility is very clean. I always look forward on coming to my treatment because of the people working here. I would recommend StayFIT to everyone! I really enjoyed coming here, and I would recommend Kristie. She is very good.”

Back / Neck

Stephen Nagamine
“Love the staff. Its helped me get through my back pain. I learned different stretches to help me get better. I would highly recommend my friends and family to come here. "
“As my last physical therapy session approached, I would like to thank the caring staff and friendly front office personnel at StayFIT Physical Therapy LLC. I especially extend a big mahalo to Kristie Yoshinaga, the physical therapist who helped me. Her knowledge, professionalism, compassion and passion to help others were clearly evident during my first therapy session. The individualized attention I received from her is truly appreciated. My sessions have alleviated the pain/stiffness in my neck and numbness in my arm/hand, and Ive regained strength and mobility back. I would definitely recommend StayFIT Physical Therapy LLC to anyone who needs physical therapy services. "
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The whole crew earned an A+!

"I've been fortunate to be able to use the services of Stayfit more than once. However, they really earned an A+ from me when I turned to them to rehab my shoulder after rotator cuff surgery. After a very unsuccessful and frustrating PT experience at another clinic, (and over 1 year post op) I was able to get my new doctor to refer me to StayFit. Although I worked primarily with Catherine that time, I did work with Derek and Carol also. After approximately 5 weeks of twice weekly therapy my shoulder was in better shape than I could remember it being in! It has been about 1 1/2 years since and I can't thank StayFit enough. Aloha" ~ Dennis Smith, November 1, 2013
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Feeling brand new

"I originally came in to see Catherine for a massage! I thought that I had knots in my back and was very tense. She quickly worked through the idea that it was not knots but my muscles and joints. As she taught me how to take care of myself and encouraged me to do very simple exercises I began to feel a lot more relaxed, stress free, and pain free! I am able to perform better at bootcamp and I feel so much stronger! They teach you how to maintain a healthy fit body. I would recommend them to everyone I know!!! Thanks Catherine and Stay Fit Physical Therapy! I feel young again!!!" ~ Lori Salvador, October 17, 2013
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Saying goodbye to lower back & neck pain

"I am very thankful to Carol Komai, PT for assisting me in my treatment of chronic daily lower back pain as well as my neck pain that resulted from whiplash in a car accident over one and a half years ago. She has given me such helpful instruction of what I am to do for both back and neck at home and even some moves to do while stuck in traffic, making the most of my recovery time. No one wants to be in pain and learning the most I could in the short time allowed via my insurance has been key. Carol was very proactive in helping me and knew how to explain the mechanics of it all so that I could comprehend and follow through helping my pain little by little. Eventually I am very positive and hopeful that I will be fully recovered at this rate. If I every need physical therapy in the future, I will most definitely come back to Carol and StayFIT! My sincere gratitude to Carol and the StayFIT staff for their consistent courtesy, professionalism and care!!!" ~ Lisa Festus, July 9, 2013


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